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On the Intikkertje website you can read the latest Dutch online casino news and you will find an overview of all legal casinos in the Netherlands. Since October 1, 2021, online gambling has been legalised in the Netherlands. So far, twenty gaming companies have been licensed. Bet365, along with others, have been granted a licence to operate in the Netherlands.

We provide you with information about online gambling and all legal gambling providers in the Netherlands.

Legal Casinos

What are the legal casinos in the Netherlands? On our legal Dutch online casino page you will find an overview of these online casinos and we provide you with more information about the casinos. This will help you decide where you want to play.

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Requirements for a legal casino

As a gambling provider, you must meet strict requirements to obtain a Dutch license. For one, a Dutch licensed gambling site is obliged to check whether players are registered in the Cruks system.

Cruks is the central register of people excluded from taking part in games of chance. People registered at Crucks do not have access to any Dutch casino. This applies to both arcades and legal gambling sites in the Netherlands.

As a player, you must indicate a playing and depositing limit when registering at an online casino. If you exceed your limits, the casino is obliged to deny you access.

In addition, online casinos are not allowed to target young people in their advertisements. Furthermore, players must be over 18 years old and casino bonuses may not be offered to people under the age of 24.

Trusted & Safe Online Casinos

All Dutch licensed online are trusted and safe. They offer secure online payment with iDeal, the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands that all banks use, and gambling compliance audits are conducted regularly.

On the casino websites you can play online slots and there is always a live casino. In the live casino you can play roulette and black jack. In addition, live games such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time have been very popular in the Netherlands in recent years.

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Of course we also inform you about legal bookmakers in the Netherlands. These bookies offer betting on sports like football, formula 1 and tennis. You can bet before the game starts, but also during live matches.

We review bookmakers on important criteria like bonuses, odds and pay-outs. In addition, you can follow matches at some bookmakers via live streams. This also provides interesting information to determine your choice of bookmaker.

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Casino bonuses

Almost all online casinos welcome you as a new player with an online casino bonus. A bonus is either an amount you can play with or it is a number of free spins you receive. To receive a bonus in the Netherlands you must be 24 years or older.

In the casino and bookmaker overview we show the most recent casino bonuses you can receive as a new player.

Casino reviews

The number of online casinos is increasing rapidly. When looking for an online casino, you want to play at a casino that suits you. It is always advisable to read the online casino review first.

We write independent casino reviews so you know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of a casino are. For example, we review the casino bonus, the registration procedure, customer service and the pay-out speed.

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Football Pool

Intikkertje also organizes football pools. In our football pool you can predict the matches of several national and international football competitions and tournaments.

For example, we organize a Champions League and a World Cup football pool.

Over 100,000 players participated in our last World Cup pool.

As a player you can create your own private pool and invite friends, family and colleagues. You can give your pool a unique name and have a separate raking for all your players.

Our football pool application is currently only available in Dutch.

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